Quickscan accredition application


Is the headquarters of your organization statutorily located in the Netherlands?

By statutory registered office is meant: the official address of a company or legal entity, the official headquarters of a company or institution, the location where it is located according to its statutes. The location of your headquarters helps determine the conditions under which your organization qualifies for accreditation.


If the headquarters of your organization is statutorily located outside the Netherlands, certain conditions apply to be eligible for accreditation. Do you meet the conditions listed?

Please refer to this page to review the conditions.


We accredit conformity assessment organizations against nationally and internationally recognized standards. Would you like to accredit against one of these standards?



Medical Testing Inspection Management System Certification Person Certification Calibration Testing Validation & Verification Producers of Reference Materials Organizers of Ring Tests Product Certification

For a complete overview of the areas of work for which we can accredit, see our policy rule BR010. The RvA may decide not to consider the application if the application concerns an activity or field of activity not mentioned in policy rule RvA-BR010. If the RvA finds that the activity or field of activity does not belong to the field of competence of the RvA, then the RvA will, in consultation with the applicant, set a time limit within which the activity or field of activity can be added to the field of competence of the RvA (see policy rule BR002 Article 14 (development track). Thereafter, the application can be considered.


We need several documents to process an application. Do you have all documents available within your organization?

See here for a list of the documents we need to process your application.


There are lead times and costs associated with making an application, becoming accredited and maintaining your accreditation. Are you aware of this?

  1. To apply for accreditation, you will need to gather various documents from your own operations – depending on the standard you choose. The length of the process to have all the necessary information ready within your organization varies from one organization to another. However, do not underestimate this time investment. Especially if the subject matter is new to your organization. From the moment the application is submitted, we charge a turnaround time of twenty days for processing your application. There is no charge for this.
  2. From the moment your accreditation application is approved, the assessment process starts with the associated costs. However, the total investment varies for each application. There are also recurring costs associated with maintaining your accreditation.
  3. See the accreditation process page for an explanation of the different types of assessments. Our policy BR002 describes the processes of applying, becoming accredited and maintaining your accreditation. Please refer to our Fee Order D001 for established fees.

Unfortunately, you cannot proceed with your application.

If you have any questions about this outcome please contact us. For questions about foreign branches, please email cfa@rva.nl. For your other questions, please contact nieuweaanvragen@rva.nl.

Good news, you can proceed with your application.

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