PRISMA Reporting Tool

On this page you will find all the information for using the PRISMSA Reporting Tool.

The PRISMA Reporting Tool is the communication channel between the client and RvA. We make assessments with the use of the tool. You use the PRISMA Reportingtool to provide all documentation and corrective actions. The RvA shares the non-conformities and findings of the conducted investigation via the tool and you can download the reports.

Log in

Click here to go directly to the login page of the PRISMA Reporting Tool, or copy the following URL into your browser:
prisma login screenshot

Instructional material

You can use the following instructional material to learn to work with the PRISMA Reporting Tool, or to find out how something works. If you are unable to resolve the matter with the instructional material, it is also possible to receive a short training course. You can request this free of charge via We recommend that you schedule this approx. 3 weeks before the assessment is carried out.

An instructional video on user management and the workflow Nonconformities (only available in Dutch but with English subtitles)

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a user of the PRISMA Reportingtool, you are bound to run into questions about its use from time to time. This link will take you to the frequently asked questions and answers page. Is your question not included? Please contact your PCA. They will be happy to help you.

More information about PRISMA

The RvA wants to simplify contact between the customer and RvA. To make this possible, we digitize our processes. In PRISMA, these processes come together in various applications: communication between the customer and RvA takes place in the PRISMA Reporting Tool and in order to optimize the service to our customers, we have also developed a number of applications for the business operations of our organization. We continue to develop the PRISMA applications and add new processes, because our services can always be better!