Medical laboratories

Field of work

Medical laboratories are laboratories that focus specifically on the healthcare sector. If, for example, a doctor or specialist requires information about the blood, urine or tissue of a patient in order for a diagnosis to be made on the basis of this information or to check the effectiveness of a treatment, he or she engages the services of a medical laboratory. These laboratories are mainly found in hospitals, however, there are also independent medical laboratories. A medical laboratory employs specialists who are able to interpret the test results and advise the client accordingly. Like test laboratories medical laboratories also use calibrated equipment.


The RvA accredits medical laboratories on the basis of the ISO 15189 standard. Accredited laboratories are obliged to participate in proficiency testing: testing whereby the test results from various laboratories are compared against each other.

Further information?

You can use the search engine or consult the list of accredited bodies to find details of all medical laboratories accredited by the RvA. Policy document BR010 describes the various fields of work relating to testing.