Accreditation process

The accreditation process consists of various steps. We make a distinction between the application for a new accreditation, the maintenance of an existing accreditation and extending the scope of an existing accreditation.

The road to accreditation in nine steps

Want to know how accreditation works? In this video, you will hear if you are eligible for accreditation.
And we take you through the accreditation process. It’s a 6 to 12 month journey: nine steps from application to accreditation. If you have questions about applying for accreditation send an email via Or go to the frequently asked questions page.

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A general overview is given below. You will be given a detailed process description when you select one of the steps. The entire process is described in policy document BR002.

New accreditation applications

There are four steps when applying for a new accreditation or standard:

Please complete the relevant application form to apply for a new accreditation or standard.

Maintenance of existing accreditation

There are four steps for maintaining an existing accreditation:

The audit assessments and re-assessments are undertaken on the initiative of the RvA in order that we can ensure ongoing supervision of existing accreditations.

Extending the scope of an existing accreditation

There are three steps for extending the scope of an existing accreditation:

If you wish to extend the scope of an existing accreditation please complete the relevant application form. To extend the scope under a new standard you must submit a new application.