Greenhouse gas verification bodies

Field of work

Greenhouse gas emissions have to be determined. For example, companies can trade these emissions, in which case it is important that their records of the emissions are correct. Greenhouse gas verification bodies assess whether what manufacturers state is correct. That requires knowledge of the record keeping processes and technical knowhow about the operating process. For example, if a manufacturer states that it has emitted a certain amount of greenhouse gasses, a verifier has to be able to estimate whether that corresponds with the chemical process and the use of raw materials.


The RvA accredits greenhouse gas verification bodies on the basis of the ISO 14065 standard.

Further information?

You can use the search engine or consult the list of accredited bodies to find details of all greenhouse gas verification bodies accredited by the RvA. Policy document BR010 describes the various fields of work relating to verification. If you want to know in which countries the RvA accredited verification bodies are active, please consult this list.