Management system certification bodies

Field of work

For this form of certification an organisation’s management system is analysed. For example: Does it meet the requirements relating to quality, the environment, safety, working conditions or information security? And can it be reasonably expected that this will be the case both now and in the future? Both points are assessed by management system certification bodies. The organisation is issued with a certificate in the event of a positive assessment. This certificate confirms that the management system meets specific requirements and only states the products or services to which the management system relates. It is not therefore a statement that these products or services meet specific requirements. A management system certification body continues to provide ongoing supervision.


The RvA accredits management system certification bodies on the basis of the ISO/IEC 17021 standard.

Management system or product certification?

Management system certification is occasionally confused with product certification. The question is: What is being assessed? Product certification is about assessing a product, service or process. Management system certification is about assessing an organisation’s management system. The latter does not therefore state whether an organisation’s products, services and processes meet the specified requirements.