Vision, mission and strategy

Vision and mission

To underpin trust and confidence is our purpose. It defines the Dutch Accreditation Council.
That is why our motto is: Moving forward with confidence!

This is what we do and what we stand for:

Citizens and organizations would like to be able to rely on the quality of products and services. With accreditation, we enrich that trust.

Every day, we assess the competent, consistent and impartial business activities of companies and institutions. These companies and institutions test, inspect and certify. They have a crucial role in the quality of products and services.

We conduct our work in a skilled professional, transparent and unbiased way. With an accreditation statement, we confirm our confidence. This contributes to a sustainable and well-functioning international society with open trade and room for innovation.

Our strategy 2021-2025 in short

We want to work in a more market and customer-oriented way, so that we can offer customers a better service. We help them learn from what we find in our reviews. In doing so, we set the bar high, for ourselves and our customers. Due to the acceleration in many new developments in the field of technology and sustainability, we invest in an agile organization with powerful teams. We strive – together with our stakeholders – to bring more attention to the value of accreditation and the entire quality infrastructure.

Our values: expertise, independence and empathy

Our core values underpin how we act towards customers and stakeholders and support us in everything we do. They set the foundation of the RvA.