Inspection bodies

Field of work

An inspection body establishes whether something meets the requirements: lifts, fuels, foods, fire alarm systems, etc. These requirements are set in law or are specified by the client. An important characteristic of inspection bodies is that they provide the result of a test or investigation with a professional opinion, for example: Is this lift safe? Does this fruit meet the requirements for export? They therefore go a step further than test laboratories. If an inspection body uses measuring equipment this equipment has to be calibrated by a calibration laboratory. If laboratory tests are required an inspection body can use the services of an accredited test laboratory.


Inspection bodies that undertake calibrations or tests themselves must meet the requirements for calibration or test laboratories. Where applicable, they also have to participate in proficiency testing. The RvA accredits inspection bodies on the basis of the ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

Further information?

You can use the search engine or consult the list of accredited bodies to find details of all inspection bodies accredited by the RvA. Policy document BR010 describes the various fields of work relating to inspection.