RvA publishes documents for EN-ISO/IEC 17029 accreditation

It is now possible for validation and verification bodies to apply to the RvA for accreditation to EN-ISO/IEC 17029. The RvA publishes various documents for this purpose.

ISO/IEC 17029 European-accepted accreditation standard

The standard ISO/IEC 17029 was published at the end of 2019 and has been accepted as a European standard and added to the list of harmonised standards that an accreditation body can use for accreditation.

The standard sets requirements for impartiality, competence and the consistent management of validation and/or verification bodies. These bodies confirm information stated by the client by collecting objective evidence about this claim. The information declared by the client may be in the form of a report, statement, forecast, project plan.

Whereas until now validation and verification have been limited to greenhouse gas emissions on the basis of the EN-ISO 14065, the new standard has no limitation in scope and can therefor be used just as widely as other standards used for accreditation.

Published documents

The RvA published documents for accreditation against ISO/IEC 17029 on Thursday, January 13, 2022:

Transition EN-ISO 14065:2013 to EN-ISO/IEC 17029

As a first step in the introduction of this standard, the existing accreditation based on EN-ISO 14065:2013 are called upon to transfer to EN-ISO/IEC 17029. The internationally agreed deadline for obtaining accreditation is December 2023. The accredited verification bodies will be contacted directly by RvA about he transition process.

Potential topics EN-ISO/IEC 17029

It has been agreed with the RvA’s user council that a session will be planned in the first quarter of this year to discuss potential subjects for accreditation. In the summer of 2020, the RvA together with the Dutch standardisation institute NEN, also looked at potential subjects for this standard. The more obvious subjects are annual reports on environmental performance of companies, the (energy or water) savings of innovative techniques, sustainability claims.