Publication of SAPs validation and verification

It is now possible for validation and verification bodies to apply for  EN-ISO/IEC 17029 accreditation at the RvA. The RvA has published or amended various SAP documents for this purpose.

New SAP’s

For currently accredited validation and verification schemes (including EU ETS, MRV, CORSIA, ISO 14064-1), the CABs required to transfer from EN-ISO 14065:2013 accreditation to EN-ISO/IEC 17029 accreditation. These CAB’s are also expected to comply with the requirements of EN-ISO 14065:2020, which sets additional requirements for CAB that validate and verify environmental information. This transition has to be completed within three years of publication of the EN-ISO 14065:2020, the transition period ends in December 2023. More information is available in the applicable SAPs (SAP-V001 for EU-ETS, SAP-V002 for EU-MRV and SAP-V003 for Corsia).

The RvA has published the following SAPs for this transition:

SAP-V001 amended

The most important changes of SAP-V001 (Specific Accreditation Protocol (SAP) for Verification of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in the EU ETS Scheme) are:

  • The SAP documents relation to validation and verification have been split. SAP-V001 used to apply to all validation and verification schemes, but as of now only applies to verifications in accordance with the EU/ETS scheme. SAP-V000 now serves as the generic SAP for accreditation based on EN-ISO/IEC 17029.
  • The document has been updated to reflect the transition to EN-ISO/IEC 17029 (see SAP-V000 for transition), with references and links updated.
  • The number of witnesses of clusters of activities in the accreditation cycle has been changed from two to one, with a minimum of one witness during the reassessment.