Results of RvA Customer Meetings 2022

In the 2nd half of 2022, the RvA organized four well-attended customer meetings. We chose a format based on accreditation standards. This was to promote recognition and exchange between participants. In practice, this indeed worked out that way. A lively dialogue ensued between those present. The exchange was open and constructively critical.
For all the meetings, two general questions about our services were before us:

– ‘How can the RvA assist clients in learning and improving?’
– ‘How do you feel this is going now during communication moments in the accreditation process?’

This was followed by one or more accreditation standard specific questions, which varied by customer group. In this post you will read about the most frequently mentioned points and what RvA is already doing or will do with the input from these meetings.

Most frequently mentioned points

We do this well:

-Participants experience during the assessment days that a different wind is blowing at RvA. There is much more of a dialogue with room for questions. As a result, conversations are more informative. During the opening discussion, the clients present see it as a plus that emphasis is placed on togetherness “we do it together. This promotes an open atmosphere. In addition, participants experience the opening and closing talks as informative and focused on improvement.
-The possibility that the RvA assessment teams have to possibly close deviations based on a Cause Analysis, Scope Analysis and (proposed) Solution, in practice called 3-O system, is experienced as positive by the customer.
Communication with the COA contact person is low-threshold. The regular consultations during the year between RvA and the customer are also perceived as useful and pleasant. With willingness to cooperate.
-RvA sets the bar high, which has advantages. RvA Accreditation thus provides recognition of its own quality.
-Finally, people like the frequency of newsletters and other messages.

This could be improved:

-Speeding up the processing and settlement of extension applications in particular was a frequently mentioned point during the meetings. In addition, there was a request to conclude the assessment with a final interview  for every expansion application.
-More transparency on the content of the assessment so that the organization can prepare better was also a frequently mentioned point.
-There is a broad desire for RvA to function more as a knowledge platform. Both by offering more training courses, sharing information more, providing information, as well as facilitating knowledge exchange between clients.
-Regarding communication, people would like to see more interim contact moments with the RvA. Besides more contact with their own contact person (PCA), for substantive questions they prefer to speak directly with the Technical Coordinator for Accreditations (TCA).

Our efforts in response to input from customer meetings

The RvA does not stand still. We have already implemented or are planning to realise several improvements in the past year. Around a number of other points mentioned, various projects are ongoing, the first results of which we expect in 2023. Through this Newsletter, LinkedIn or targeted mailing to clients, we will keep you informed.

To conclude
The dialogue with our customers is very important to us. Also in 2023 we will engage with them to collect their opinions.