Publication of new version of the Specific Accreditation Protocol RvA-SAP-L000 (=Accreditation of Testing (general))

The Dutch Accreditation Council has published a new version of the following Specific Accreditation Protocol:

The reason for the release of a new version is, among other things, that in the existing version what was previously established RvA T025 (= Scopes of test laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025)) has been adopted. In addition, some changes have been made following the publication of a new version of EA 2/15M (=EA Requirements for the Accreditation of Flexible Scopes) and the policy with regard to, and requirements for, the performance of Opinions and Interpretations under accreditation , as previously laid down in RvA-T015, have now been adopted. The requirements for defining the activity “sampling” are also included

Extra attention is requested for a number of changed requirements with regard to maintaining and making available the list of transactions for transactions performed under a flexscope. In particular, the requirement that a transaction list must be made publicly available.

With the publication of this new version of SAP-L000, document RvA-T025 will expire.

Click here for the latest version of SAP-L000.

The main changes are listed below:


The copied texts from T015 and T025 (in H2)

–           Further explanation Opinions and interpretations § 2.1.4

–           Further explanation fixed and flexible scope § 2.2

Current transactions overview with flexible scope (in § 3.1.2)

–           taken from T025 and extended with “date of validation/addition” § 3.1.2

–           the overview must be made available to anyone who requests it § 3.1.2

Nature and content of the assessments (in § 3..2)

–           Opinions and interpretations

–           Flexible scope

Specific points for attention (in H4)

–           Sampling § 4.2

–           Opinions and Interpretations taken from T015 §4.3

–           Flexible scope adopted from T025 §4.4

Other information (in H5)

–           Flexible scope adopted from T025 §5.1