Results survey QI-FoKuS on level of digitisation published

Digitisation contributes to quality and safety

Early this year, the RvA distributed a QI-FoKuS survey to customers on the level of digitalisation. The results of the survey can now be read on the QI-FoKuS website.

In the results, we see that the perception towards digitisation is very positive. Digitalisation offers many opportunities to make a better contribution to the quality and safety of products and services.

Own digital score has been sent out

When completing the survey, there was an opportunity to sign up to receive your own digital score. Earlier this month, QI-FoKuS sent this own score to interested parties.

Read the full survey report here.

Aim of the survey

The aim of the survey was to identify the level of digitisation of companies and organisations that test, inspect and certify. The survey focused on:

  • To what extent these companies and organisations are digitally developed;
  • What promotes or accelerates and hinders digitalisation for these companies and organisations;
  • What technologies these companies and organisations use;
  • What the best practices are.

As RvA, we would like to thank the QI-FoKuS project partners (BAM, TU Berlin, University of Canterbury) and those who carried out the survey (Dr Claudia Koch, Dr Luana Ladu & Parsa Asna Ashari (BAM), Prof Dr Knut Blind (TU Berlin, Fraunhofer ISI) and Prof Dr Pavel Castka (University of Canterbury)) for conducting this survey.

Questions and information

For questions surrounding the survey, please contact the QI-FoKuS project partners:

Dr Claudia Koch, +49 30 8104 3718,

Dr Luana Ladu, +49 30 8104 4485,