Peer Review RvA

Once every four years national accreditation bodies subject each other to intensive assessments, known as peer reviews. A peer review is undertaken by colleagues from other European accreditation bodies. They check whether the body to be assessed meets the specific criteria and use international standard ISO/IEC 17011 and European Regulation 765/2008 as guidelines during that process.


The peer reviews act as a guarantee for the expertise, impartiality and independence of national accreditation bodies and is a condition for being a co-signatory to the multilateral recognition agreement (MLA).

Last week, a team led by Nicole Vanlaethem (Belac) performed the peer review at RvA. The peer review team was composed by ten nationalities of ten peer evaluators and two trainees. They witnessed fifteen RvA- assessments and also RvA’s management system has been assessed.

Friday, January 26th, the peer review team presented the outcomes of the EA-re-evaluation. Besides positive feedback regarding the level of competence and commitment of RvA-staff to develop improvement actions, also several findings were reported for which RvA must take adequate measures. The final report of the peer review including the findings of the team and RvA’s reaction thereof will be discussed in the Multilateral Agreement Council (MAC). Thereafter,  the (anonymised) report will be made available on this website.