Frequently asked questions information request Open Government Act (Woo)

How do I submit a Woo request?

To submit a Woo request, send an e-mail to: When making this request, please be as specific as possible about what information you are looking for. For example, please specify the documents you are looking for or the subject of the information you want.

Would you rather send a letter? It is also possible to submit a Woo request by mail. Send your request to:

Council for Accreditation
P.O. Box 2768
3500 GT Utrecht

How long will it take to receive the requested documents?

The regular statutory response time to a Woo request is four weeks. If the request is unclear or involves the interests of others (e.g., accredited institutions), a temporary suspension of the deadline may be necessary. For extensive or complex requests, the deadline may be extended by two weeks if necessary.

How does the RvA assess a Woo request?

The RvA is obliged to comply with Woo requests, except for statutory exceptions. If you submit a Woo request, the RvA will verify whether any exceptions apply. The RvA will then formally decide on disclosure and notify you accordingly. After a positive decision, you will often receive your requested documents within a few weeks.

What must a Woo request comply with?

A Woo request must relate to information that is not yet in the public domain. Furthermore, the request must concern:

  • Information recorded in documents;
  • Information available to the RvA;
  • Information that relates to the RvA’s public task.

Where can I find disclosed information in response to Woo requests?

For an overview of disclosed information, visit the Open Government Act Publications page.

Where can I ask my questions about information request Act open government( Woo)?

Do you have another question about the availability of information? If so, please contact us at