Notificatie van verandering in Cross Frontier Beleid (Engelstalig)


Dear relation,

Based on the revision of EA-2/13, RvA has reconsidered its policy for accreditation and assessment outside the Netherlands. Besides the implementation of EA-2/13 for the cross border activities in the EA region, RvA has decided to revise the policy for accreditation outside the EA region and to make this consistent with the principles of EA-2/13, in particular with the principles of non-competition between AB’s. At the same time RvA aims at improving the international harmonisation by increasing the cooperation with other AB’s. Furthermore the new policy takes into account that accreditation of conformity assessment bodies in the Netherlands is the primary task of RvA.

The main changes in the policy, which has an impact on the bodies outside the EA-MLA region which have an RvA accreditation, are summarised below. The details will be published in our policy rule RvA-BR007 on our website soon.

1) In countries with an accreditation body, which is a signatory of the IAF-MLA or ILAC-MRA, RvA will only provide accreditation if the CAB is also accredited by the local AB for the same scope. Hence, the RvA accreditation will be a second accreditation. In conducting our assessments we will aim for joint assessments with the local AB as much as possible. This policy also applies for schemes which are not (yet) part of the relevant MLA/MRA.

2) If the local AB is not providing the specific accreditation service (for example for OHSAS 18001), RvA may decide to provide the first accreditation to the CAB.

3) Accreditation outside the Netherlands will only be possible if this does not prevent the RvA in servicing the Dutch market. Also RvA has decided that experience in new activities should be gained by accrediting in the Netherlands and that new accreditation services will only be delivered outside the Netherlands if the RvA has gained this experience and has sufficient resources to provide the services in other countries.

4) The following transition arrangement for existing RvA accreditations will be applied after 1 July 2013: For CABs registered in a country with a local AB which is an IAF-MLA or ILAC-MRA signatory, which provides accreditation for the conformity assessment activities for which the CAB is holding an RvA accreditation, the RvA will withdraw the accreditation for these activities on 1 July 2017, unless the CAB is able to demonstrate that it holds an accreditation from the local AB for at least the same scope.

By implementing the new policy on 1 July 2017 the foreign CABs have sufficient time to apply for the accreditation by the local AB (as applicable and appropriate) or to decide not to continue with a reassessment from RvA for a next accreditation cycle. The CABs having an RvA accreditation are encouraged to contact their RvA account manager to discuss their plan in the view of the revised RvA policy. When needed, RvA can illustrate, on an individual base, the impact of the revised policy.