User management for customers in PRISMA Reporting Tool


On Friday 28 July, we launched a new version of the PRISMA Reporting Tool. In this version, clients can now create multiple user accounts for their organisations themselves. We are proud to have now realised this long-standing customer wish.

The PRISMA Reporting Tool is the communication channel between client and the RvA. Assessments are scheduled by using this tool. The client uses the PRISMA Reporting Tool to provide all documentation and corrective actions. The RvA shares non-confirmities and findings of the conducted investigation via the tool.

User management for customers

A key wish of our clients was to be able to arrange holiday or sickness replacements themselves in the PRISMA Reporting Tool. With the implementation of the new version, user management for clients has now become available. Clients can now create their own accounts for one or more colleagues within their organisation.

Workflow non-conformities

In the new version of the PRISMA Reporting Tool, clients can also set up an internal workflow for responding to non-conformities found during an assessment. Non-conformities can be handled by different users at the client.