Urgent need for accredited companies that certify, test and inspect fertilizer products

RvA grants first Temporary Accreditation with Restrictive Conditions (TAB) for Module D1 to KIWA VERIN BV

Groeiende planten uit de aard

Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 will enter into force on 16 July 2022. This regulation lays down rules for making EU fertilising products available on the market. For many of these products, the regulation requires an accredited company to provide the manufacturer with a declaration of conformity. However, there is a major bottleneck. At the moment there are hardly any companies that provide this service under accreditation. Time flies and manufacturers are getting worried.

In order for producers to be able to market fertilising products after July 16, 2022, companies that can provide a declaration of conformity for this purpose must apply for accreditation as soon as possible at their National Accreditation Body. Only after accreditation can a company apply for a registration. In the Netherlands, the NVWA has been designated as the national notifying authority.

The RvA has so far received one application. However, several companies have expressed an interest in applying for accreditation for various modules regarding Regulation (EU) 2019/1009.

The TAB is described in policy rule BR002.