Successful customer meetings RvA

On June 7 and 9 we organized the first two of four RvA customer meetings. One for customers of laboratories ISO 17025 and a meeting for customers of medical laboratories ISO 15189. We are glad to meet our customers again after two years of Covid pandemic.

How can the RvA assist customers in learning and improving? What do you need during the opening and closing discussions concerning this point? What’s your opinion about these communication moments at the moment? How do we collectively provide more independent assessors? Do customers need a fastlane for extension of their scope?
These kinds of questions were the focus of the first two RvA customer meetings. This provided eye-openers and important insights.

“It was very open, critical and constructive. The customers were really talking to each other about us, the RvA. It was meaningful that the colleagues from the RvA could also ask questions. These were often ‘how-to’ questions. And the answers to these questions help us further. This is how we get input to work in a more customer-oriented way, to give shape to it and to realize it. I’m looking forward to the next meetings,” says Roeland Nieuweboer.

To be continued in autumn

In the fall, two more customer meetings will take place for the customer groups management system certification, and production certification and inspection. We will invite these customers in August.
The RvA will then analyze the results of all the meetings in their entirety and provide feedback. We will use the proceeds to optimize our services and cooperation with our customers. We will keep you informed.