See our 2023 public report

We are pleased to present the 2023 public report of the Dutch Accreditation Council, titled ‘Clarifying with confidence’.

As a regulator, we want citizens and companies alike to be able to rely on the quality and safety of products and services. We do this by using accreditation to confirm our confidence in the expertise of laboratories, testing institutions and inspection companies. We want to continue providing that confidence in the future, and that is why we are continuously working on improving our assessment process.

We are also making progress as a service provider. To this end, we took steps in 2023 with digitization, developed services for accreditation in new work areas such as EN-ISO/IEC 17029 and helped our customers transition to revised standard versions. We also successfully set up a great pilot scheme for improving the extension application process, continued the pilot scheme for biobanks and helped many people get started with our orientation training. At the same time, our employees were working on their professional development – ISO training, the performance management program and the social safety project contributed to personal growth and connection.

We have also intensified cooperation with our stakeholders. Together with ministries, policy departments and inspection services such as ILT and RDI, we worked on a strengthened supervisory system. To improve our services and our role in society, we also entered into several discussions with customers, market parties and other organizations from the quality infrastructure – during the Strategic Advisory Forum on Sustainability, for example. Internationally, we strengthened relationships with other accreditation bodies and with Europe in the field of international accreditation policy development.

We are grateful for so much involvement and good advice. This is a continuous source of inspiration to us.

With this, we can look to the future with confidence.