RvA launches the PRISMA Application Tool

Today, March 7, the RvA launches the PRISMA Application Tool. With the launch of this tool, the RvA is committed to digitizing, optimizing and making the application process for a new accreditation or an extension more customer-friendly. From now on, new and existing customers will have a simple and effective means of submitting their accreditation application. In addition, the processing of their application will be faster.

From Quickscan Accreditation application to acceptance: how does it work?

Start with the Quick Scan Accreditation Request
New customers start their accreditation application with the Quickscan Accreditation application on our website. This makes it immediately clear whether they are eligible for RvA accreditation. The customer also sees instantly whether the RvA provides the desired service. This prevents customers from having to do a lot of filling in and research for nothing when the RvA cannot (yet) process their application.

Does the customer successfully complete the quick scan? Then he or she will receive an account for the PRISMA Application Tool. Existing customers of the RvA will receive an email with an activation link for creating an account.

Working in the Application Tool

Once logged in, one chooses the standard for which one wishes accreditation or an extension.  One then sees a list of standard-specific prescribed forms and documents. The client can download these, fill them out and then upload them into the tool. Is everything complete? Then the customer submits the application at the click of a button. Within twenty working days, we inform the customer whether the application is admissible. Then the scheduling of the assessment starts.

What if a customer is already preparing an application?

If a client has already started preparing an accreditation application prior to the commissioning of the PRISMA Application Tool, then the assessment of the application will still proceed in the current way. The client mails the application forms and documents to nieuweaanvragen@rva.nl. If all application forms have not yet been downloaded from our website, they can contact us at nieuweaanvragen@rva.nl. Existing customers contact their own PCA. A customer may also choose to create an account in the PRISMA Application Tool and transfer the already collected documentation themselves. One then completes the application further in the Application Tool.

Government program WaU

The RvA has implemented this process improvement in part in response to customer signals. In doing so, we are also committed to the goals of the government-wide program: WaU. This program focuses on improving government services across the board. The goal is to provide services that are more in line with the expectations and needs of customers and that are also more comprehensible, agile and future-proof.


On our website there is an overview of frequently asked questions and answers. You can also ask a question at nieuweaanvragen@rva.nl.