RvA conducts survey on remote assessment

Since the restrictive measures due to the COVID pandemic took effect, the RvA has been conducting most of its assessments with the use of remote techniques. Our clients, employees, the Accreditation Committee and assessors have gained a lot of experience with off-site assessments in this period. The RvA wants to get a good picture of their views on remote assessment. Were there advantages? Or what was lacking or missed by this method of working. Therefore, we have sent out a questionnaire to our clients, lead assessors, members of the Accreditation Committee and employees of the RvA.

IAF, ILAC and ISO also conducted a joint survey in the fall on the use of remote techniques. The questions in this survey were of a general nature. The survey of the RvA is much more about the daily practice of remote assessment.

With the results of this survey we will determine whether, and if so in which (standard) situations, the RvA will continue to use remote assessment as one of the standard forms of assessment within the assessment cycle. We expect to share the conclusions with you in March.

The starting point remains the underpinning of confidence in companies and institutions that test, inspect and certify.