RvA and the Association of Scheme Administrators optimize scheme evaluation together

Self-assessment and streamlining the schema evaluation process are discussed in conversations between the RvA and the Association of Schema Administrators (VvS). Together we aim to optimize scheme evaluations.

Since 2017, the RvA’s policy around schema management and accreditation has changed. Together with VvS, the RvA is looking at how the current process around schema evaluations works and can be improved. A schema evaluation is done at the request of a schema manager.

Purpose of optimization

In cooperation with the RvS and companies that test, inspect and certify, the RvA wants to implement improvements in the process surrounding schema evaluation. One of the improvements focuses on the scheme’s own assessment, which the scheme manager submits to the RvA as input for the evaluation. The self-assessment provides important input to determine whether a scheme meets the conditions for application under accreditation.

By rewriting the format for an scheme owner’s self-assessment, the RvA aims to make the provision of information more accessible and clearer. We will start with one scheme in pilot form to see, together with the parties involved, how we can optimize the format for the self-assessment. We will also involve the Dutch Association of Certification Institutes (NVCi).

The most important questions in a scheme evaluation

The most important questions in a scheme evaluation are what purpose the scheme aims at and how the scheme achieves this purpose. For example, the purpose of a scheme is to ensure food safety, fire safety or requirements for the material for drinking waterpipes. The scheme manager answers these questions, among others, in his self-assessment.

What is a scheme?

A scheme prescribes what (e.g., product, system) will be assessed in what way (e.g., through certification) and by whom. A scheme manager sets these requirements in consultation with interested parties. This can contribute to agreement in the market on what a product should minimally comply with. It also increases the quality and confidence in the product or sector concerned.


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