Publication of new version of T015 Explanatory notes to EN ISO/IEC 17025

The RvA (Dutch Accreditation Council) has published a new version of T015 on Explanatory Notes to EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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Compared to version 6.1 dated June 8, 2022, the following significant changes have been made:
• The document has been redesigned and the introduction has been updated.
• Additional explanations have been provided for several criteria.
• Several new interpretations have been added as a result of submitted interpretation disputes and cases handled by RvA Lead Assessors.

With RvA-T015 the RvA wants to give its accredited laboratories insight into interpretations of ISO/IEC 17025 criteria.

Several times a year RvA Lead Assessors discuss cases and specific topics. It is possible to submit cases related to interpretations of ISO/IEC 17025 (but also regarding ISO/IEC 17043 and ISO 17034 interpretations); these can be forwarded to RvA Lead Assessor Ido Dijkstra ( If relevant, outcomes of cases may be included in a subsequent revision of RvA-T015.

Click here for the latest version of T015.