Ministry of Domestic Affairs carries out registrations in NANDO

As of 1 July 2021, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs (hereinafter The Ministry), as the Notifying Authority, will register the notifying bodies (NB) for the CPR in the NANDO* information system. The Dutch Accreditation Council will therefore discontinue their activities for NANDO as of 1 July. Accreditation remains the basis for notification.

What does this imply for Notified Bodies?

Each NB will have to inform the Ministry about all changes in de scope of accreditation for CPR. The Dutch Accreditation Council informs the Ministry about changes in the accreditation status of the CPR NB, such as suspensions, withdrawals with regards to (part of) an accredited scope.

Any questions?
Send your questions to: Or contact Janet Kaljee, Technical Coordinator for Accreditations at the RvA via

*New approach to notified and designated organizations