Launch PRISMA Planning tool

In September the RvA will launch a new application: the PRISMA Planning Tool. This tool supports us in planning the assessments. Instead of manual planning, it will be done centrally and digitally. This is much more efficient and provides insight into the availability of assessors. It also means that we let our customers know the date or dates on which the assessment will take place as early as five months in advance.

Step-by-step implementation
In September, we will start automated planning for a small number of assessments scheduled for February 2023. This is how we identify any teething problems in the application. If these are resolved and everything goes well, we will expand the group step by step on a monthly basis. We will approach customers affected personally.

Sufficient number of evaluators remains a challenge
Having enough assessors is a permanent challenge for the RvA. It is therefore very important to use the available capacity as efficiently as possible. In this way we can serve as many clients as achievable. At the moment the RvA carries out the planning of the regular reassessments and control assessments manually. The Planning Tool takes over this manual work. Centralizing the date schedules of assessments creates insight into future available capacity.

Assessment day is fixed
An efficient distribution of the available assessor capacity is leading in the automated planning by the Planning Tool. This means that our client knows the date(s) of the assessment as early as five months in advance. It also means that our client, has no choice regarding this date. Should this cause insurmountable objections for the organization, we will of course consult with them to find a solution.