Customer meeting management system certification ISO 17021-1

What arguments do you use to convince potential customers of the value of management systems certification? One of the questions at the heart of what was already the fourth customer meeting. After three previous inspiring customer meetings, yesterday we welcomed customers from the field of management system certification ISO 17021-1. It again provided valuable insight into how they experience contact with us and where there are opportunities for improvement.


Knowledge sharing

It was good to hear that we are seen as approachable and assessors’ visits are perceived as pleasant and informative. Several customers indicated that it would be helpful if we put more effort into knowledge sharing. Knowledge from the field, but also by sharing common anomalies. ”By learning together, we take the process to the next level”. Another client added; “it would be nice to create a culture where we can learn from each other as certifying bodies”. Something that Joep de Haas, director of the RvA, endorsed; “it is good to spread the value of accreditation together”. In doing so, he also raised the question of whether we should not explain much more to clients why we do our work, rather than how we do it. How do we communicate the value of accreditation and certification? A question that we continue to ask ourselves on an ongoing basis, and one that we hope we will continue to focus on together with our clients. We look back on an insightful afternoon in which the desire was expressed, by both clients and the RvA, to continue these kinds of meetings in the future.