Customer meeting productcertification ISO 17065

How can the Accreditation Council assist clients in learning and improving? In what way and when can we add value during development processes around product certification and innovation? Just some of the examples of the questions asked during an animated meeting for customers from the field of product certification ISO 17065. The participants’ input was very enlightening, constructively critical and provided several starting points.

Valuable feedback

“Being in continuous contact with the Accreditation Council works very well for us. Improving quality stays ‘top of mind’ this way, says one participant. Another states, “more support in the field would help with learning and improvement.” At the end of the meeting, Roeland Nieuweboer, chairman of the board, looks back on a valuable afternoon. “It keeps us focused on our own quality and prompts us to think. Nice that we also discussed how the whole quality infrastructure works.”

This year’s final meeting for customers active in the field of management system certification ISO 17021-1 will follow in October.