Implementation RvA Reporting Tool state of affairs

The RvA Reporting Tool is the new communication channel with our clients for exchanging documentation and RvA reports.

Last year the RvA started the further digitalization of its business processes. To this end we are gradually developing various web applications such as the reporting tool. In this message we inform you about the state of affairs.

Shortening the period for submitting the 3 O’s

The option offered by the RvA Reporting Tool to shorten the timeframe for submitting the 3 Os (Cause, Extent and Solution for a non conformity) is well received. This way a client is informed quicker whether or not we agree with the chosen approach for a non-conformity. That is why the RvA will publish a new version of its policy rule RvA BR004 Non-Conformities and Corrective Measures in January, incorporating this new working method. With the publication of this new version, we conclude the pilot phase of the Reporting Tool.

Development of reporting tool phase 2

A number of clients have accreditations for multiple standards. These are often combined in the annual RvA assessment. The Reporting Tool does not yet provide for this type of assessment. This functionality is under development. When we start using it, 100% of the assessments will be done via the RvA Reporting Tool. We will inform customers affected by this in good time.

Two other improvements we are working on in phase 2 are improving the performance so that uploading documents and using the app will be faster. Plus the ability to offer customers more than one user account.