Implementation of IAF MD 17

Early 2015, IAF MD17 was published. This ‘Mandatory Document’ specifies to the National Accreditation Bodies (NAB’s), which are an IAF Member, how to conduct witness assessments at applicants or accredited management system certification bodies (CB’s) and next to this how many and in which scopes audits should be witnessed for QMS or EMS certification. The RvA has included the requirements of MD17 in the applicable SAP’s: C000C004 and C005.

The performance of witness assessments by RvA was largely in line with these requirements, but the number and selection of witness assessments in certain cases needs adjustment. In individual cases, this may imply an increase in the witness regime. The four year assessment program for the individual CB’s will be adapted to the requirements of MD17 in the course of 2017, since the NAB’s will have to have implemented the requirements of MD17 by January of 2018.