Implementation new version PRISMA Reporting Tool

On Monday, August 1, we took a new version of the PRISMA Reporting Tool into use. This version is a completely new application. With this version the RvA strives to improve a number of functionalities.

Combined standards assessment in use

Some clients have accreditations for multiple standards. In our annual assessment this is combined. The PRISMA Reporting Tool did not provide for this type of assessment in the old version. With the implementation of the new version, it now does. We will inform customers affected by this in good time.

Better performance

One of the wishes of the users of the PRISMA Reporting Tool was an improvement of the performance. In this we have succeeded. The new version of the PRISMA Reporting Tool is more stable than the previous version.

The PRISMA Reporting Tool is the communication channel between client and RvA. Assessments are done with the use of the tool. The client uses the PRISMA Reporting Tool to deliver all documentation and corrective actions. The RvA shares through the tool the findings of the assessment performed.