Changes affecting your accredited activities?

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A new director, a move or a new way of working: these are all changes that can affect the activities you carry out under accreditation. We find that clients often don’t know or forget to report these changes to us. However, it is important that you report such changes to us as soon as possible. The conditions in the accreditation decision, in addition to a number of policy rules, prescribe this. In addition, it is important that your organization allows the RvA to perform additional assessments in response to changes, if the RvA considers this desirable.

You should always inform us about the the following changes

Are the changes below applicable? Report them to us as soon as possible:

– changes in the ownership situation of your organization;

– changes in the legal, commercial or organizational status;

– Changes in scope/economic activities of your organization and its related organizations or persons;

– change in leadership or structure;

– changes in policies related to compliance;

– changes in key personnel, such as managers and decision makers and personnel with specific and unique expertise to the organization;

– changes in housing, equipment, and other resources that may have a significant impact on the work performed under accreditation;

– significant changes in practices or procedures.

Relevant Policy rules

The following policy rules describe the conditions around communicating changes that may affect accredited activities: RvA-BR002 Policy Rule Accreditation, RvA-BR004 Policy Rule on Non- conformities and Corrective Action, RvA-BR005 Policy Rule on Surveillances and Reassessments, and finally RvA BR011 Policy Rule on Transfer and Relocation.