Mandatory accreditation standard for notified bodies


Notified bodies are the institutions that carry out activities in the context of CE marking. These institutions are also referred to as nobo’s or notified bodies.
By April 2023, these conformity assessment bodies (CAB’s)must be accredited according to mandatory standards for accreditation. Previously, it was still possible to choose. The aim is harmonization within Europe.

Mandatory standard
In April 2020, a new version of EA-2/17: "EA Document on Accreditation for Notification purposes" was published. This document must be applied by the RvA for accreditation of CAB’s that (intend to perform) activities as notified bodies. The most important change in this version of the document is that notified bodies will be accredited against a mandatory standard from April 2023 at the latest. It is no longer possible to deviate from this standard. The purpose of this change in EA-2/17 is to further harmonize the accreditation of nobo’s in Europe.

This change has also been adapted in documents of the RvA, namely in the BR010 Policy Rule on RvA Work Areas, T043 and in the Specific Accreditation Protocol (SAP) per directive / regulation (only available in Dutch).

Accredited bodies
This change has consequences for CAB’s that are currently accredited according to a standard other than the mandatory standard. If a CAB wants to continue its activities, it will have to be accredited under the mandatory standard by April 2023 at the latest.

If the CAB is currently not yet accredited for the mandatory standard, it is necessary to obtain an additional registration.

For CAB that already have a registration for the mandatory standard, but still carry out the work under another registration, the work can only be continued if they are placed under the mandatory standard for accreditation.

In both cases the CAB’s will be informed by RvA.

New accreditation requests
As of April 1, 2021, RvA will no longer accept applications for accreditation for activities in the context of CE marking where the mandatory standard is not used.

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