Publication new version of RvA-Regulation VR003


After the last publication of the VR003 on October 19, 2020, the RvA made another change to this document.
Regulation VR003 describes the policy and rules regarding the use of accreditation marks and logo’s.

In the version of October 19, 2020, the general obligation to use the mark for activities within the scope of accreditation has been introduced. A transitional arrangement has been described with regard to this change, which has now been amended in the new version of this document.

If, in the period until November 1, 2021, it is determined during an assessment that the requirements from VR003 are not being met, the RvA will point out that the requirements are not being met, however non-conformities as referred to in RvA Policy Rule BR004 will not be formulated.  After November 1, 2021 non-conformities will be formulated.

Compared to version 5.1 of this document of October 19, 2020, the following significant changes have been made:

  1. Articles 2, 9 and 10 have been clarified with minor textual changes. The example (picture of accreditation mark) in article 9 has been updated.
  2. Article 7, concerning the design of the accreditation mark, has been supplemented with a general regulation relating to legibility and recognisability.
  3. Articles 15 and 16 have been combined into one article in three parts (article 15, paragraphs 1 to 3). The third part (previously article 16) contains an addition to create clarity about mandatory use in registration, designation and/or recognition.
  4. Article 17, concerning the introduction date of the obligations and transitional periods for CABs in this context previously referred to in articles 15 and 16, has been scrapped. An updated transitional arrangement replaces article 17 and has been added under new article 15.
  5. The combination of articles 15 and 16 and the scrapping of article 17 have led to the renumbering of articles 18 to 53 (now 16 to 51).
  6. Article 42, concerning the prompt notification of clients in the event of a suspension or withdrawal, has been brought into line with the standard terms and conditions for RvA accreditation, as set out in BR002 for example.
  7. Transitional arrangements have been added (in italic font) under articles 9, 11, 15, 16, 21, 22, 25, 26 and 32.

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