Change of RvA Regulation VR003


The Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) has recently changed Regulation VR003 regarding the use of Accreditation marks and logo's.

Regulation VR003 describes the policy and rules regarding the use of Accreditation marks and logo's.

In comparison with version 4 dated July 17, 2018 the following significant changes have been made:

  1. Overall editorial review has led to textual changes.
  2. The consequences of the revision of EA-3/01, ILAC-P8 and IAF resolution 2018-13 have been implemented. One of the most important changes in that context is the general obligation to use the accreditation mark for activities within the scope of accreditation.
  3. In the event that the reference to the accredited status is in text, the activity as referred to in appendix 1 must now be stated in addition to the accreditation number (due to EA-3/01).
  4. The conditions for the use of the accreditation mark in case of outsourcing activities are further detailed.
  5. The rules for organizers of proficiency tests and for producers of reference materials have been adapted.
  6. It has been added to the rules for use of combined marks (Article 9) that the activities must be mentioned (because of EA-3/01).
  7. For inspection bodies the use of the accreditation mark on labels has been added.

For the mandatory use of the accreditation mark, or an equivalent reference to the accredited status, an implementation period has been set . The implementation period for the different CAB's is further specified in article 17 of the VR003 document.
If, in the first year after the dates referred to in paragraph 1 of article 17, it is determined during an assessment that these requirements are not met, a non-conformity category (B) will be formulated which must demonstrably be closed within 1 year after the relevant date referred to in paragraph 1 of article 17.

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