Publication new version of explanatory document microbiology (RvA-T002) (Dutch)


Explanatory document RvA-T002 describes the policy and practices of the RvA concerning the assessment of microbiological activities.

Compared to version 3 dated 5-2-2016 the following significant changes have been made:

•     verification has been added to chapter 2,
•     matrix water is included (§ 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 3, 5, 6, Appendix B),
•     overview of methods for the microbiology application area of ​​the food chain has been added (§ 2.1),
•     performance characteristics for quantitative method have been supplemented (§ 2.2),
•     explanation of validation or verification in case of revision of standard method (§ 2.2),
•     expiration period of validity of alternative method (§ 2.5),
•     report estimated measurement uncertainty (chapter 3),
•     guidelines for drawing up a microbiology scope (chapter 6) or to T025,
•     explanation STEC (chapter 8 and appendix C; was appendix B),
•     adaptation of literature (chapter 10),
•     adaptation of appendix A (split into food chain and water (appendix B)).

Click here for latest version of explanatory document RvA-T002 (Dutch).

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