Publication of Clarification ISO / CASCO regarding NEN-EN ISO / IEC 17021-1, section


Recently, ISO / CASCO has published a "Clarification" regarding the requirement in section of the 17021-1 for applying the prescribed period for verification of the corrections and corrective actions for a major nonconformity. The reason is the current COVID-19 crisis and the limitations this entails for verifying corrections and corrective actions on location.

In accordance with the clarification, a Certification Body may deviate from the prescribed period in paragraph in a substantiated manner in specific situations. Provided that the Certifying Body has established the risks of exceeding the prescribed term for each situation and that it substantiates why deviation from the prescribed period is justified in a specific case.

Click here for the full text of the Clarification.

RvA method:
Assessment takes place during the regular RvA assessment. Where, in the opinion of the Certification Body, there is a situation that can pose a high risk to the integrity of the certificates concerned, the Certification Body must inform its RvA contact person, as described in explanatory document RvA-T051.