Publication of the new ILAC-P15: 05/2020 (explanation of ISO / IEC 17020)


Recently the new ILAC-P15: 05/2020 has been published (implementation date November 2021).
The changes from the previous version are limited.

The most important changes concern:

  • Texts on impartiality, independence and risk analysis of impartiality (4.1, annex 1, annex 2) have been added;
  • "Application note" 4.1.6 gives the possibility to choose a different independence type (A, B, C) per inspection activity;
  • The document contains "application notes" (7.1.1 and 7.1.3) for new technologies that can be used in the performance of an inspection (Artificial Intelligence, drones, special glasses, etcetera).

The added texts with regard to impartiality and independence are in line with the existing RvA interpretation that the inspection body and its inspectors may not be involved in the inspected items as stated on the scope of the accreditation. Thus, this applies in general and is not limited to just the specific / unique / individual items that are inspected by the inspection body.

Click here to download the new version of ILAC-P15.