Change of RvA policy rules BR002 & BR011


The Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) has recently changed the policy rules BR002 and BR011.

Policy Rule BR002 describes the RvA policy regarding accreditation.

Compared to version 8 of this document (dated 7 august 2019), the following significant changes have been implemented:

  • Article 2 has been deleted because the RvA no longer performs assessments for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and CCKL assessments (the rest of the articles have been renumbered as a result);
  • In Article 17 it has been added that the report of the observations made is also assessed;
  • Article 23 clarifies the procedure for supplementary assessment following a temporary accreditation with restricting conditions;
  • In Article 26 it has been added that an accreditation declaration can be issued for a limited period;
  • Chapter 9 Sanctions has been renamed to Actions.

Policy Rule BR011 describes the RvA policy regarding transfer and relocation of accreditation.

Compared to version 1 of this document (dated 5 september 2014) some incorrect references have been corrected.

Download the latest version of BR002 here.
Download the policy rule BR011 here.
Click here for the notification of publication in the Dutch ‘Staatscourant’ (Dutch).

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