Publication of new version of specific accreditation protocol C009 (HKZ-certification and NEN-EN 15224 certification according to NTA 8224) (Dutch)


Specific Accreditation Protocol C009 contains a description for the accreditation of HKZ certification and NEN-EN 15224 certification according to NTA 8224.
This SAP serves as a practical supplement to RvA Policy Rule BR002 and was amended on January 07, 2020.

In comparison with version 3 dated 14-09-2018 the following significant changes have been made:

  • HKZ-cluster Ketenkwaliteit has been removed,
  • the possibility for "opstapcertificatie" has ended,
  • Removal of HKZ scheme  "Fysiotherapiepraktijken" (for large organisations),
  • Removal of HKZ schemes within cluster 7 "Tandheelkundige Zorg",
  • Removal former chapter 5 "Other information".

Click here for the latest version of SAP-C009 (Dutch).

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