Publication of new version of specific accreditation protocol A032 concerning pressure equipment in the use phase (Dutch)


The Specific Accreditation Protocol SAP-A032 contains a brief description for the accreditation of activities concerning pressure equipment in the use phase. This SAP serves as a practical supplement to RvA Policy Rule BR002  and was amended on October 16, 2019.

In comparison with version 1 dated 30 May 2018 the following significant changes have been made:

  • In the table in paragraph 3.2 in the column "Initiële beoordeling" the reference to re-accreditation has been removed,
  • In the scope description the reference to the scheme has been added,
  • In the table with assessments its clarified that the witnesses must be carried out twice in the accreditation cycle, which was already stated in the explanation to point 7, but in practice it was not always clear,
  • The application of the notification lots for witnesses is further explained with an example.

Click here for the latest version of SAP-A032 (Dutch).

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