Publication of new version of specific accreditation protocol L006 concerning the accreditation program for sampling of solid animal fertilizers; AP06 (Dutch).


Specific Accreditation Protocol L006 contains a brief description concerning the accreditation program for sampling of solid animal fertilizers; AP06.
This SAP serves as a practical supplement to RvA Policy Rule BR002 and has been changed on April 16, 2019.

In comparison with version 1 dated 2 oktober 2017 the following significant changes have been made:

  • Chapter 2, the scope has been adapted following the publication of the revised version of the Uitvoeringsregeling Meststoffenwet (URM, dated 01-02-2019). Batch sampling has been removed and Cargo sampling shortly after loading or before unloading and Sampling from big bags have been added.
  • The nature and content of the assessments:
    1. On request of the ministry of LNV, the impartiallity requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17020 / ILAC P15 will also be assessed during surveillance assessments.
    2. If applicable, transport and intermediate storage will also be assessed.
  • Addition of chapter 4.3 Extra assessment time when a large increasement in newly qualified or re-qualified samplers is observed.
  • Addition of chapter 4.5 Responsibility of the sampling organisation.
  • Addition of chapter 4.6 Registration of sampling strategy used.
  • Addition of chapter 4.7 Elaboration of article 8.3 of the URM concerning proficiency testing.

Click here for the latest version of SAP-L006 (Dutch).

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