RvA procedure for transition to ISO 22000: 2018


In June 2018 the standard ISO 22000:2018 “Food safety management systems -- Requirements for any organization in the food chain” was published to replace ISO 22000:2005. The RvA applies a procedure for the transition to the new version of this standard.

In its meeting in October 2018 the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has decided not to publish a transition document for this new version of this standard. The only requirement stated by IAF is that certificates issued against ISO 22000:2005 shall not have an expiration date after 29 June 2021 (see IAF Resolution 2018-15).

The RvA applies the following procedure for the transition:

1. Certification bodies (CBs) which hold an accreditation for ISO 22000 shall demonstrate to RvA that they have implemented the new standard appropriately. This means that the CB shall be able to demonstrate at least the following measures:

  • It has established an action plan based on an analysis of the changes in the standard;
  • Its clients are informed about the changes and about its procedures for transition of certificates to ISO 22000:2018;
  • Auditors and decision makers have been trained for the new standard;
  • It has ensured that its management system has been modified to reflect the necessary changes.

2. During the regular assessments the RvA will verify whether the CB has adequately implemented the new standard. Absence of above measures may result in a nonconformity against the accreditation requirements.

Above implies that the RvA will not in advance assess the competence of the CB for ISO 22000:2018. The responsibility for correct introduction of the new standard lies with the CB. In case the assessments of RvA shows that certificates for ISO 22000:2018 have been issued without demonstratable competence of the CB, then this may result in a category A non-conformity. Recalling issued certificates shall in this case be part of the actions to be taken by the CB to close the nonconformity.

The RvA however gives CBs the opportunity to request an extraordinary assessment to assess its measures to implement ISO 22000:2018. For this the CB is requested to contact its contact person in RvA.