Change of Policy Rule BR010 and Regulation VR003


The Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) has recently changed policy rule BR010 and regulation VR003.
Policy Rule BR010 lists the conformity assessment activities the RvA is able to accredit for.
Regulation VR003 describes the rules for the use of RvA accreditation marks and logo’s.

Policy Rule BR010:

Summarized, the following significant changes compared to BR010-version 5 of March 22, 2017 are:

  • New regulations/directives have been added and repealed directives have been removed in Annex 2. The Simple pressure vessels directive (2014/29/EU) has been added;
  • Archaeology has been added as working area under EN ISO/IEC 17065;
  • EN ISO 17034 has been added to ISO Guide 34;
  • In Annex 2, the ‘preferred standard’, as is laid down in document EA-2/17, has been added. It has been added that the standard for accreditation for the ‘accredited in-house bodies’ is EN ISO/IEC 17020;
  • The Regulation marketing of construction products (CPR) has been moved from the individual standards that are used for accreditation to Annex 2, including the preferred standard per system;
  • The Transportable pressure vessel directive had been mentioned in Annex 2 as well as under EN ISO/IEC 17020. Given the fact that for this directive only accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 is allowed, it has been removed from Annex 2;
  • Fields added: asset management systems under EN ISO/IEC 17021-1, validation and verification according to the MRV (2015/757) under the EN ISO/IEC 14065, Forensic crime scene investigation under EN ISO/IEC 17020 and medical reference laboratories under EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Download the latest version of BR010 here.


Regulation VR003:

Compared to version 3 of 10 August 2016, the following substantive changes having been made in this version of the document:

  • The consequences of resolution IAF 2017-19, prohibiting certification bodies to issue not-accredited certificates for the certification of persons, have been inserted in Article 11.
  • The possibilities for the use of a common logo of a group of organizations / a concern have been explained more clearly in Article 12 and Article 43.
  • The obligatory use of the accreditation mark, or a referral to the accredited status for the certification of management systems and persons has been included in Article 20.
  • The rules for reports with results of multiple bodies have been (further) explained in Article 22.
  • The obligation to inform customers without undue delay about (partial) suspension or withdrawal of accreditation have been added in Article 41.
  • Changes in the numbering of standards have been implemented in Appendix 1.

Download the latest version of VR003 here.

Click here for the notification of change of BR010 and VR003 in the Dutch ‘Staatscourant’ (Dutch)