Change of RvA policy rule BR003


The Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) has recently changed policy rule BR003.
Policy Rule BR003 describes the RvA policy regarding the Scope of Accreditation.

Compared to version 6 of this document (dated 10 November 2016), the following significant changes have been made:

  • in Article 1 EN ISO 17034 has been added to replace ISO Guide 34;
  • in Article 4 the term registered place of business has been replaced by registered place of the head office;
  • the term critical location has been replaced by location which refers to location as explained in Article 5;
  • in Article 7 the term virtual location has been included;
  • Article 11 gives the policy on inclusion of legal requirements. Annex 2 has been added as a further explanation of this policy;
  • Article 14 gives the policy on conformity assessment activities which the CAB subcontracts systematically;
  • Article 15 states the rules for inclusion of activities that may compete with accreditation. Annex 3 has been included to explain this policy;
  • Article 16 explains that an accreditation for, for example, an ISO standard also applies to the NEN-EN version and vice versa;
  • Article 17, Article 18, Article 19 and Article 50 state RvA’s policy on referring to versions of (normative) documents mentioned in the scope and changes in these documents;
  • in the lists with key activities defined in chapters 3 – 11 the formulation and adoption of policy has been removed;
  • Article 42 on locations abroad for EMAS has been added;
  • in general the text of the document is edited to prevent text to express requirements for CABs;
  • text that is redundant with other policy rules has been removed where possible.

Download the latest version of BR003 here.
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