Publication new version RvA-T033


Publication new version of explanatory document T033 concerning the requirements for conformity assessment schemes.

Beginning 2017, the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA changed the policy regarding the acceptance of scheme owners and the evaluation of schemes. Part of this policy change is that the scheme owner shall conduct a self-assessment of its new or modified scheme. The RvA then evaluates this self-assessment.
The past few months have shown that the submitted content of the self-assessments does not always match the expected content. At the introduction of the self-assessment, the RvA did not prescribe a format for the self-assessment, but indicated which questions should be answered. To provide the scheme owners and CABs with a guidance for the content of a self-assessment, the annex in RvA-T033 has been changed. The annex now is a format for reporting the own assessment, in which the questions are explained further. No new questions have been added, but the order of questions was adapted and some questions were subdivided.
The self-assessment of the scheme should provide insight into the particulars of the scheme. It is not intended that the RvA conducts a full assessment of the specific scheme, this shall be done by the scheme owner or CAB itself. The self-assessment of the scheme can be seen as a user manual: what are the characteristics of the schema, how should it be used and what are the details in respect of the object of conformity assessment and the CBI.

The RvA will organize a number of workshops in 2018, concerning the self-assessment of a scheme. The content and dates of the workshops have yet to be determined and communicated.

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