Publication new version of explanatory document T025 concerning the Scope of Testing Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025).


Explanatory document RvA-T025 describes the RvA policy and the RvA procedure concerning the way in which accredited tests, and any associated sampling, can be stated on the scopes of RvA-accredited testing laboratories.

The following significant changes have been made compared to version 3:

- 2: reference to research and development scope removed;
- 2.1: AP05 and EN 14181 added as table sub-headings;
- 2.2: changed ‘two years experience prior to flexible scope’ into ‘demonstrated experience’;
- 2.2: added that record of test methods used that are reported under accreditation relating to the ‘flexible scope’ also includes the date of the internal release;
- Appendix 1: scope examples updated.

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