Publication new versions specific accreditation protocols C000 (17021-1), L001 (17020 en 17025) en V001 (14065)


The Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) has published new versions of SAP-C000, -L001 en -V001.
These SAPs serve as practical supplements to RvA Policy Rule BR002.

Specifiek Accreditation Protocol C000 contains a brief description for the accreditation of management system certification based on EN ISO/IEC 17021-1.
In comparison with version 1, dated 5 December 2016 this document is adapted to the requirements for witnessing as described in IAF MD17.

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SAP-L001 (Dutch):
Specifiek Accreditation Protocol L001 contains a brief description for the accreditation of Air measurements based on EN ISO/IEC 17025 and EN ISO/IEC 17020.
In comparison with version 1 dated 28 August 2013 the following significant changes have been made : 

  • The scope has been adapted; this was "emission measurements" and is now "emission and immission measurements as well as olfactometry"
  • Chapter 1.1: added is EN ISO/IEC 17020
  • Chapter 1.2 has been adapted
  • Added: chapter 1.4 Specific laws and regulations
  • The document has been adapted on several places due to the new method of unannounced witnesses
  • Added: Chapter 3.1 "Documents to be provided"
  • Further elaborated: Nature and content of the assessments (was chapter 3.1, now chapter 3.2)
  • Chapter 4: RvA coordinator field of activity Air has been adapted.

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Specific Accreditation Protocol V000 contains a brief description for the accreditation of Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

Compared to version 2, dated 28 February 2014, in the general part, no significant changes were made. The current text was transferred to the new SAP template.
The following significant changes have been made in Annex A Scheme "EU-ETS":

  • deletion of all references to NOx emission verifications due to completion of program;
  • updating of witnessing regime due to update in EA-6/03, including a clustering strategy to determine witnessing and file review.
  • Inclusion of scope 98 accreditation requirements.
  • Updating the process if new EU ETS verifiers would require accreditation (no more reference to statement of admissibility).

Annex B: Scheme "MRV Shipping" was added with specifics for MRV Shipping Scheme.

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