Change of fields of RvA-accreditation in Policy Rule BR010


The Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) has recently changed policy rule BR010.
Policy Rule BR010 lists the conformity assessment activities the RvA is able to accredit for.

Summarized, the following significant changes compared to BR010-version 4 of June 23, 2016 are:

  • New European regulations/directives have been added and repealed directives have been removed.
  • The following fields were added:
    • in EN ISO/IEC 17020: forensic, biofuels, sustainability and animal welfare;
    • in EN ISO/IEC 17065: biofuels, sustainability and animal welfare
    • in EN ISO/IEC 17043: plastics, cosmetics, paints, coatings and toys.
  • As a consequence of the changed policy regarding the evaluation of schemes, as described in policy rule BR012, the publication of a list of schemes has been added.

This list is the way in which the RvA makes known which schemes of external scheme owners have been evaluated with a positive result and the RvA can provide accreditation for.
The list is published since March 1, 2017 and will be updated if necessary.  The list of schemes (BR010-lijst, Dutch) can be found here.

The list of schemes replaces the scopes of acceptation of scheme owners. The registration numbers (Sxxx) of external scheme owners, which have been assessed with positive result based on the former Regulation RvA-R013, are in this list of schemes. The scope of accreditation of a conformity assessment body can refer to the registration number of the scheme owner. These referrals to these so-called S-registrations will be replaced in the next 12 months by a referral to the identification code of the applicable scheme that is also published in the list of schemes.

Searching in the list of schemes is easy, use the search function in a PDF (CRTL-F)

Download the latest version of BR010 here.
Click here for the notification of publication in the Dutch ‘Staatscourant’ (Dutch)