Implementation EA-7/04: certification of Environmental Management System and compliance with legal requirements


In May 2017, an update of EA-7/04 was published. This EA ‘Mandatory Document’ provides information in the relationship between a certified Environmental Management System (EMS) and the organisation’s degree of compliance with applicable legal requirements.  

The document is in existence since 2007, but has now been updated to the new requirements (and terminology) of  ISO 14001:2015, of ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and of the ISO/IEC 17021-2:2016. The updated document was allocated an EA implementation date ‘immediate’, which has been explained by the RvA as ‘this document is applicable immediately on the issued ISO 14001:2015 certificates’. For existing ISO 14001:2004 certificates, the RvA will (until further notice or phase-out of these certificates) use the previous version EA-7/04.

Certification Bodies, who have been (or will be) accredited for certification of an EMS in line with ISO 14001:2015 may be confronted with this updated document during its upcoming office assessments (e.g. in its auditor training) or witness assessments (e.g. during the audit of the effectiveness of the system to ensure conformity with its compliance obligations).